At the University of Bristol ( were warmly greeted by Gary Coulter who is the International Officer for North America, Russia, and Central Asia. We spent our visit learning about three of their signature programs in Veterinary Science/Veterinary Medicine, Biomedical Science, and Innovation Programs. I have extensive notes on all three programs and would be happy to share what I learned.

Bristol is a very appealing place to visit and attend college. It is a 2 hour drive/train ride from London and is a fun city which is built around the harbor and is known for being a very friendly place with great food and all sorts of interesting things to do. In fact a few days after I was there, Bristol was named the “Best Place to Live in Britain in 2017 (

I walked away from this university feeling quite confident that students from the United States would be happy attending and would most definitely get a great education in whatever subject they study.