Services and Fees

In order to provide highly personalized support, Anne Gould works with a small number of clients each year. Please review the options for Freshmen and Sophomores as well as for Juniors and Seniors. The fee includes the hourly sessions and the work that is done prior to and after each session (e.g. college research, planning, consulting with college admissions representatives). As indicated below.
Freshman and Sophomore Comprehensive Planning Package $600 per year includes:
  • Three sessions to plan for current school year.
  • Review academic process.
  • Assist with course selection for the following year.
  • Provide recommendations for extracurricular involvement and summer activities.
  • SAT/ACT testing schedule and preparation advisement.

Junior and Senior Year Advisory Services at an hourly rate of $300 include:

  • In depth interview of student and parent to determine needs and preferences.
  • Evaluating academic record (student transcript) including advice on junior and senior year course selection.
  • Determining SAT/ACT testing calendar and recommendations for test preparation.
  • Identifying special talent (athletic, artistic, musical, other) and the role in the college application process.
  • Collaborating on and developing an appropriate list of schools to which the student will apply.

  • Instructing on effective means of researching different college options (use of the internet, college visits, college fairs and informational meetings, and local college representative meetings at student’s high school).
  • Developing a time line for junior and senior year.
  • Ongoing assistance with college application preparation and submission.
  • Brainstorming topics for and review of college application essays.
  • Student interview preparation for applications, summer jobs, and internships.
  • Assisting with responding to deferral and wait list decision.
  • Counseling on the college or university choice once the student receives acceptances. The goal is to achieve the best possible fit between student and college/program.

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