My most recent college visit was to Northeastern University. NE is in Boston Massachusetts. One of the nice things about this school environment is that there is a true campus within an urban setting. I met with Jennifer Simons (left) who is the Director of Admissions and Lauren Melaugh (right) who is the Assistant Director of International Admissions and is also responsible for Long Island admissions. One of the things that we discussed was a change to how they are handling students who have been deferred from early action/early decision to the regular admissions process. For the first time this year, students who receive this admissions decision MUST indicate that they would like to be considered for regular admission. In addition students who are very interested in attending NE (first choice school or among top choices) should email the admissions office (Lauren Melaugh if you live on Long Island) and let them know of your high level of interest. It goes without saying that students must keep up their grades and may also let the admissions office know of any updates in terms of academic and extracurricular achievements.