Muhlenberg College is located in Allentown Pennsylvania (2 1/2 hours from southwestern Long Island) and it has been on my “short list” of schools to visit for a long time. I finally made a road trip and am so happy that I did. Upon arrival I received a warm greeting from Eric Thompson and Melissa Falk from the Office of Admission. We spoke for a while and then proceeded to the magnificent dining hall where we enjoyed a delicious dinner from the plentiful and varied buffet (strong options for all eaters including Kosher, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free).  I would definitely go back for more of their home baked cookies.

Over dinner we discussed some of the aspects that contribute to what makes Muhlenberg College such a special place for its students to call home for 4 years.

  • Community first – The people at Muhlenberg are the friendliest people. I saw this first hand while sitting at dinner as student after student, including my former student Jason, came over to our table to chat.
  • Passionate teaching – Professors mentor, inspire, and genuinely like their students.
  • Students empowered to initiate changes that are important to them – The college collaborates with students to make changes happen. For example, for 10 years Neuroscience has been a major and as a result of student initiative it is about to become an actual department.
  • Liberal Arts curriculum with a pre-professional focus – Strong preparation for post-graduate life through internships, collaborative research, and alumni shadowing experiences.
  • Religiously diverse community – An inclusive community welcomes and embraces students of all faiths.
  • Most popular majors – Neurobiology/Pre-med, Theater, Business, Economics, Arts Administration, Psychology, English, Writing, Media Communication, Film.
  • And finally, as I already mentioned, amazing food served in a majestic dining hall.