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“You can make a big school small, but you cannot make a small school big.”

University of Wisconsin – Madison is a large urban school with many smaller communities for students to discover and explore. This exciting university, in the capital of Wisconsin, provides all of the benefits of a large school (undergraduate enrollment of 29,500 and total enrollment of 43,200) with many opportunities to personalize the experience. Highlights that I learned about during my visit include:


  • 140 majors in 8 schools and colleges – Agriculture and Life Sciences,  Education, Human Ecology, Letters and Science, Pharmacy, Business, Engineering, and Nursing.
  • Competitive and Selective Admissions Process that is holistic and aims to determine academic excellence (especially in writing) and how well applicants will contribute to the community.
  • I.G.S. – First Year Interest Groups – The first year learning experience is enhanced by these learning communities which create and develop academic and social connections.
  • Division 1 Athletics – brings a strong sense of school spirit to the campus and city.
  • Fun place to be – students are generally happy and feel connected to the spirit of the school.
  • Top 4 research institute and top 20 in the nation – there are practically unlimited opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research projects.
  • University of Wisconsin is ranked 24th best university in the world and 11th among public universities in the United States.



During my visit I had the chance to speak with Becky Callan who is our local representative from the Office of Admissions. Here’s a picture of me conferring with her regarding a prospective student applicant. Give me a call to set up an appointment if you would like to learn more about University of Wisconsin and the services I provide to students and families.