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This morning I had the pleasure of meeting with two admissions representatives from Rochester Institute of Technology. Mark McFee Muenzer, who used to be our local representative, introduced me to Frank Thomas Rechichi who is taking over his territory. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • Most popular programs are Computer Science, Game Design, Mechanical Engineering, Imaging Arts, School of American Crafts, Museum Studies, Digital Humanities, and Hospitality.
  • There are 7 Programs that most often have to “wait list” students because they get more appropriate applicants than they have room for and they are Computer Science, Game Design, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physician Assistant, and Film and Animation.
  • Their Co-Op and Experiential Learning Program is an important and integral component of the RIT education. It is one of the four largest Co-Op programs in the United States. Students leave RIT with a degree and relevant work experience which greatly enhances their marketability post graduation. Take a look at how well RIT graduates do at, http://www.rit.edu/emcs/programoverviews/browse-by-college.
  • They have Early Decision (Deadline 11/15) and Regular Decision (Deadline 1/15) and there is a higher acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants.
  • Students can apply by using the Common Application or the RIT Application and both are fine to use.
  • Students are considered for many of the merit scholarships and the honors program through the application process (there are some merit scholarships which require additional application, nomination, or information).
  • Applications for admission are reviewed by major and students can indicate 2nd and 3rd choice majors.
  • The most important components of the application are the rigor of curriculum, test scores (they super-score SAT and ACT), recommendations, and the essay. Student participation in extra curricular activities does not play a significant role.
  • Rochester is 6-7 hours by car. JetBlue flies out of JFK Airport to Rochester and the campus is minutes away from the airport.