While in Wisconsin, one of the schools I visited was Beloit College. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Small residential college – 1270 students who are required to live on campus for three years.
  • Division 3 Athletics – 1/3 of the students are varsity athletes.
  • Greek life is an option for interested students with 15-20% student participation in one of 3 sororities and 3 fraternities.
  • Test optional school with a holistic approach to the admissions process.
  • Most popular programs in Anthropology (2 teaching museums on campus), Creative Writing, International Education, Health and Society, and Economics. Many students participate in Study Abroad programs.
  • Genuine enthusiasm for learning on the part of students and faculty. There is less emphasis on grades and students aim to build on and improve their academic skills with the support of their professors.
  • Project based assessments are utilized more frequently than multiple choice and short answer tests. Professors seek creative ways to develop and assess student growth.
  • Rural environment and the community considers that they are “in the middle of somewhere rather than in the middle of nowhere.” Beloit is the 4th most ethnically diverse city in the state of Wisconsin and students are encouraged to be a part of the vibrant life of the city.

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Beloit College is one of the schools written about by Loren Pope in “Colleges That Change Lives (” If you are interested in learning more about “CTCL,”  Beloit College, or the services I provide to support students and families in the college application process. Call to schedule your appointment.